Our Team

Dominique Samuels
Founder and CCO


Rachelle McCoy


Casielle Gaerlan


Why We Do What We Do

28 D.Tales is dedicated to Julia Davis, the great-grandmother of our Founder. She was born on February 28, 1931. Julia was a fiery storyteller, a hard-worker, a family woman, an original Girl Boss dedicated to instilling valuable principles and lessons into her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. 28 D.Tales aims to provide the same passion and love that Julia emulated. Our core principles stem from the way she lived her life. When working with us, we pay the D.TALES PRICE to provide you with unparalleled services to enhance your brand, expand your reach, and convert your target audience.


Our D. Tales, Our Values

– Diligence (Details)

– Trust (Transparency)

– Ambition (Accomplish)

– Loyalty (Longevity, listening)

– Equilibrium (Excellence)

– Satisfaction (Service)

Diligence is the mother of our success story, not only because every little detail makes up a story but it makes an individually unique story. 

The child of diligence is trust. We are transparent in our process and communication.

The motivation of every connection we maintain is because of our ambition

Loyalty is something that many challenge, but we hold true. 

The equilibrium provided in our approach is the balance that every brand seeks to achieve

We push for satisfaction, not only for each unique client but within ourselves after every deliverable.

Our passion helps evolve and serve our purpose. 

We strive for and deliver results, not only in the short-term but also the long-term. 

We push for change that drives impact

Collaboration fuels creativity through effective cooperation

We are adaptable and efficient in every situation, which makes us effective

Our Memberships + Certifications + Associations

Discover Your Story, It’s In The Details

Using our balanced-niche market knowledge, we help our family of clients to implement strategies for their brands that will help them increase revenue, attract and retain new clients, and influence others to unleash their highest levels of creativity and innovation.