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Audience Profile: Intern Edition

Community Curator Intern Edition: Audience Profile


Hi guys it’s Giulia!

Being part of the internship team this summer with 28 D. Tales has been a great course of self-management, community building and leadership. Learning from our supervisors, while communicating with them, keeping a tight and condensed schedule and managing our own flexibility has been a major experience. Along with all these valuable lessons, I’ve come across a new skill that I’m proud to have sharpened and gotten vocal about it: audience profiling.

As a community curator intern, being interactive within teams and individuals is as essential as beneficial to perform our job. When it comes to get in touch with a person, we have to keep in mind the role they have in our life and within the community we’re part of. In the field of media communications, audience profiling is that practice that PR groups and media communicators use to identify what kind of people are into a specific business. 

Having in mind you audience profile is important because:

  • You know to whom you’re talking to
  • You can serve better offers and updated resources
  • You get to strengthen your credibility. Your actions and your knowledge in the business leads to credibility.

Credibility provides loyalty and security to a client. Regardless of its background, interest, or goals, a communications company (specialized in marketing and PR) should be able to manifest a spectrum of visions that aligns with different kinds of clients by respecting their desire to succeed. If the company leads a series of projects in fairness and transparency, clients will be more attracted to it due to the empathy that the company exudes. 

Credibility relies on marketing plans, but it is also a psychological component in a successful business model. To become beneficial, credibility must be consistent and appealing. It has to set clear intentions and pragmatic solutions. Being on time and fashionable helps a business’ flow and creates higher chances of revenue and engagement.

In addition to credibility, having an audience profile in your mind is essential for:

  • your business monetization
  • your trust and awareness on a larger level beyond your community and team
  • your message and goals

If you want to get clear and transpire in the midst of many clouds that the media industry is full of, you must master the tools of communications, and building your  audience profile is key to the promised land of any successful business.

Hi Interns it’s Kiyah,

Today I want to focus on how important it is to pay attention to your audience and cater to their needs. When building a personal or professional brand, it is important to analyze who you will be targeting with your content, goods and services towards to figure out what is the best strategy to market to them. Creating an audience profile (or audience persona chart) helps you figure out who your audience is, what they like and how to satisfy their desires as well as solving their problems.

The first thing you will want to do is identify who your audience will be, and you’ll do this by thinking about what kind of problems your product/service solves. Then to further niche down, you will think about different groups of demographics such as age, location, race, gender, etc. 

When thinking about who your target audience is, ask yourself some of these questions:

  • What social media platforms is my target audience most engaged on?
  • What is the age range?
  • What are they interested in?
  • What locations would my audience be in?
  • What would my audience want from me?

Your audience controls the success of your brand or business. It is important that your actions are ones that will interest your audience and retain their business and attention. 

However, I know I said it’s all about the audience and how to best please them, but it is still important to stay true to yourself or your brand and what you stand for. This would make the real question, how can I get my ideas, services, and goods across to my audience in a way that is truly representative of my brand? 

Until next time!

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