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Finding your Maquillage Detroit Moment

When you first think about your makeup products, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Take a moment and think about it. Try not to think so much with the application itself, but the way you feel when you first apply it and afterwards. Not many people ask you about that right? Mostly with makeup product branding, it’s about the ingredients or how it’s compared to a leading brand. However, a new makeup brand is changing the way you define your makeup moments.

Beauty hub, Maquillage Detroit (Ma-kee-ya-ge De-twah), is changing the perspective of beauty through self-realization. Founder and creator, Kellie Rucker, is making it her mission to redefine the beauty industry. Initially, before creating the idea, she noticed that some beauty products only skimmed the surface for a brand’s platform as well as the mission to make women feel beautiful. “We need more women focusing more in the labs or creating instead of branding your company. But really in the labs creating the actual product,” Saeeda Perry, former Bobbi Brown co-worker. As a 10 year, veteran in the makeup and beauty industry, Rucker took that concern as an opportunity to form her very own  makeup brand. 

During the creation process she wanted the name of her company to stand for something impactful. Then after some extensive brainstorming, Maquillage Detroit was born. “I live, eat, breathe and drink the industry. I love it. I took the two things that I love and I put them together. I have a genuine love for the city,” Rucker said. The Maquillage Detroit name comes from the French derivation for Makeup Detroit.  “The Detroit root word means strait which is a narrow passage of water connecting two seas or larger bodies of water. With the Maquillage Detroit brand, they strive to be the narrow passage of water that connects women of color to all the opportunities in the beauty industry,” Rucker explained.

Within her company logo, Rucker chose an iridescent dragonfly to represent her brand and her message. A dragonfly is usually known as a predator, but it’s also very versatile. Dragonflies are known to have four wings. These four wings can operate alone or together and can fly in all six directions including backwards. They also are known to have almost 360 vision.  It symbolizes self mastering and self love. Along with the color in the dragonfly, it translates to the iridescent effect to be able to glow no matter the situation.  “Whatever life throws at us, we should be able to change and adapt,” Rucker said. 

With each of her products, Rucker encourages cultivating creativity in the culture of beauty for women of color. It’s about going beyond surface level to educate women on all aspects of the beauty industry. Rucker is making it her mission to create spaces for emotional and mental understanding that’s deeper than the application. Maquillage Detroit will be providing face masks, products, ebooks and tutorials for people in the beauty industry wanting to learn more about makeup. The online store is currently up and running. Rucker was also featured in a podcast called Chasing Dreams with Tiara Nicole. The podcast episode releases on December 1st to learn more about her career journey.

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