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Keeping Your Head Up

Keeping Your Head UP

By: Rachelle McCoy

In these tough times…..

Has it been difficult to stay on your two feet, without getting overworked? 

If the answer is anywhere near yes, you simply need to take a step back and return to the basics to realize the things you are striving for and write it down on a sheet of paper or in your favorite journal. Doing this helps some of us to realize the amount of work that we have gone through to get to where we are now.

What are the ways to do this, you may ask?

To go way back into the “old days” Marlow’s Hierarchy of Needs was introduced in the early 1900s. It is all of the aspects that every individual needs in order to function. Some may argue that you can live without some of these things but in reality, we all do need this. 

The first need that has to be fulfilled is physiological needs which include the basic necessities: air, water, shelter, clothing, and sleep/rest. Our first question for you is, are you receiving enough sleep at night? We understand that it may be hard to get all eight hours worked into your schedule but six hours can also be adequate for the average functioning adult. Tip: Realizing that you possess these necessities means that when you want to fulfill your physiological needs, you must start with appreciating what you already have!

The second stage in the hierarchy is safety which is the awareness that your personal security needs are met. Along with that, recognizing that you have secured a stable and well-paying job, good health, property, and even seeing that there are kind individuals in the world to support you! In this case, this second stage may be rocky for many individuals because of the virus, including many individuals being laid-off and even the worry about leaving the house to grab simple groceries. The big question is how can this be resolved? We will provide links down below if you’re an individual that has unfortunately been laid off and are seeking additional help! Tip: Thanking nurses and doctors for their service is also a wonderful way to just realize that there are people out there to help you!

The sense of love and belonging is one that many attempt to skip over but this element is vital to human survival. Simple friendships and family gatherings that make you feel like you are a part of something not only gives us the impression that we need to be there but also the sense of belonging! Attend those family gatherings, spend time with your friends, and check up on those who you haven’t talked to in forever! Sometimes your friends and family are lacking the support and want to feel needed but are not getting the push of motivation. Tip: Be that push and make a difference for them! 

Everyone mentions that having high self-esteem is essential for success and in all realness, that is the truth. How are you going to lift someone else up when you’re lacking in what you’re trying to give? That would be considered as being hypocritical, correct? Remember that self-esteem consists of  recognition, strength, freedom, status, and self-confidence. Do any of those strike you and make you question if you’ve tapped into those qualities at your highest potential? Tip: If so, a few ways to help with this is writing down all of your skills on a sheet of paper. By writing down these skills, you are acknowledging and realizing that you have the capability to do these things and do them well. 

The highest need is self-actualization. What exactly is self-actualization? It is the push to become who you are meant to be. Major key: this is an ongoing process and doesn’t just happen. Tip: Ways to get to this point is making sure you have all of the set pieces from the layers below. Another option is to get an accountability partner or a mentor to keep you at your highest frequency but also help with you when you do stop!

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