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March Motivation

March Motivation-min

Value yourself and those around you so you can help change the world.”

When the new year approaches, everyone wants to start creating a “resolution” list but by the middle of the year, that resolution list will turn into only words on a piece of paper. Take the initiative to start to have a positive outlook for the new year. Change your thoughts of resolutions and make them goals instead. Create a goal list for not only the year but also for each individual month; these goals should be diverse, ranging from financial to wellness goals. The next step is to take it further and devise a thorough life goal list that you can hold on to for the rest of your life. If you aren’t the “list type”, consider creating a mission statement for yourself and your life’s vision. Make sure you journal these ideas and goals and execute them.

Experience Change

Intentionally spend the next three months experiencing new things. When we encounter new experiences, they can change our mindset and outlook on life. Statistics have shown that if an individual experiences new things, they open their mind up to new ideas. Often times we grow so accustomed to a certain schedule that everything becomes mundane, from early rises to working out in the evening. Change things up a little bit and explore the new you!

Be Intentional about Who You are and What You Do

Invest not only in yourself, financially, but also in your friendships. As we grow older and wiser, it is an invaluable realization that having a focus group and/or an accountability group can enable you to do more than you may have imagined. Being able to have those around you who desire to maintain focus and success will only lead you to also maintain focus, clarity, and success. The saying goes, “You are what you eat”, but you are also a product of your thoughts, so be encouraged by not only who you and who you are to become, but also by those that are around you. Take dedicated time to spend time with friends, enjoy the good times, laugh about the bad times (because you’re still here), and remember it’s okay to have to have your me and tea (or coffee, lol) time to unwind and reset.

28 D.Tales of Advice

Appreciate each day and moment spent, don’t take it for granted. Start every year, month, week, and day off positively and with gratitude for simply having another day.

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