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Newsletters: Intern Edition

Community Curator Intern Edition: Newsletters


Hey guys Giulia here!

Today we’ll be discussing the key traits of a newsletter. What I found is that an efficient newsletter is a concise message sent on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the company’s field and the demographic of its clientele. A solid newsletter must show a neat design that grasps a reader’s attention, along with catching the subject line and message title. This is all essential to get at the top of someone’s inbox. What’s not necessary in a newsletter is inconsistent delivery, lengthy paragraphs, nor the lack of essential hyperlinks, especially for social media connections.

The components of every successful newsletter:

  • Validate Your Subscribers
  • Be constant within your audience
  • show leadership and accessibility
  • show knowledge and respect in your messages
  • perform networking skills in specific spaces and situations
  • invest in original ideas that can suit your business
  • make yourself accountable and reachable

Remember that building a newsletter is an excellent tool that will save you time and energy in connecting with hundreds, if not thousands of people interested in your business. Being able to set up and rely on a newsletter helps you develop the trust that any client desires from the company they are engaging with. In addition to the business and the return of investment (ROI) you might get from it, you can be creative with the emails and engage in first person with your brand and persona: at the end of the day, newsletter are just the vehicle between you and your world full of potential clients and members of your community.

Before setting up a newsletter ask yourself:

  • How do I want to communicate?
  • What kind of message is my audience expecting from me?
  • What is the goal of my business?
  • What are the solutions and the questions I can answer my clients with?

You really don’t want to miss these tips in your newsletter. Your people will love you and support you more if you choose to show them dedicated effort, curation, and specialization in storytelling and communication: play your cards, dear!

Hi Guys it’s Kiyah!

How is everyone?

There is a lot going on in the world between the racial injustice revolution and the COVID-19 pandemic so I pray for your health and safety during these times. This week in our 28 D.Tales internship we focused on newsletters.

I haven’t subscribed to many newsletters aside from the ones that automatically come to my email from school (LOL!). Newsletters are a really great way to gauge interest on topics from your projected audience. They are also a good way to further segment your audience to cater to their direct needs. One thing that has been constantly mentioned throughout the internship is that your audience holds the true power.

Everything that a company, brand, or business does is all for the audience.

A newsletter holds a lot of power because people who receive your newsletter actively decided that they were interested in your content or other goods/services you have to offer. Newsletters allow you to get “intimate” with your audience. You are able to directly communicate and engage with them. Newsletters can increase sales, expand your audience, and so many more things if they are done correctly. Some important things to focus on for a newsletter are how frequently will you send it, what kind of content will you include, how will you keep your subscribers interested, etc. My newsletter would be directed to young adults like myself who have similar interests in music, fashion, and current events. If I were to send out my own newsletter, even though I have no real audience, it would include links to my favorite playlists, my favorite memes, and a short briefing of current events.

As we get into the nitty gritty of our internships, we are starting to do “big girl” work. Rachelle, one of my supervisors reached out to us this week and showed us some mock-ups and ideas for the 28 D.Tales newsletter and said that we could even help her finish it. Tools like MailerLite and Canva are very simple but work really well for creation of newsletter and tracking how they are doing.

Next week, we will continue focusing on our audience’s email inbox and look at advertising and email marketing. Other than that, stay safe and healthy. Later!

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