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Working From Home: Intern Edition

Community Curator Intern Edition: Working From Home


Hello Everyone!

I’m Kai, one of the community interns and I’m about halfway through my internship with 28 D. Tales internship and a quarantined summer. To be honest, it has been hard to work from home. Aside from my internship, I am also working a part-time job remotely and I’m also working to start a business. I’m managing to accomplish so many tasks but in the same breath, I’ve felt stuck. 

Show of hands for anyone else who feels like this? 

I know that all of us feel so confined creatively and professionally. I’m here to give a few tips about how to overcome the work from home blues! 

  • Change locations in your house

Going from my room, to the living room, to outside by the pool helps me feel like I’m not as isolated. Moving your body around helps to get energy flowing which can motivate you to work.

  • Make a to-do list

If I loved to-do lists before, I love them even more now. You would think that when you sit in the house and have nothing to do that it would be easier to get things done, right? Wrong! I find myself forgetting to accomplish even the smallest tasks on a day-to-day basis. When making my to-do lists, be sure to include even the simplest things that you need to get accomplished, i.e. taking a shower or doing research on a particular topic for your internship or job.

  • Get up and get cute

When I took over 28 D.Tales Instagram, I showed that on my workdays I like to shower, get dressed and do a bit of makeup before starting my day. I am an avid believer that if you look better, you work better (and feel better!). Take those sweatpants off and brush your hair. Even though you might not be in the same working environment, it is still important to feel like you’re at work.

  • Take breaks

I have one million and one tasks that I need to do in a day. It can get overwhelming sitting in front of my laptop for roughly 12 hours a day. That’s why I like to step away from my computer, take a walk, or get a snack every few hours so that I don’t burnout. Just remember to get back to work after the break!

Fingers crossed that the world goes back to normal soon but until then, this is our new normal (and it’s not too bad). Make sure to take time for yourself and take a break when you need to. It can be hard to stay focused and motivated to work but hopefully these tips help. Until next time…

Hey guys I’m Giulia!

One of the features that any aspiring member of the media industry needs to achieve in their career is flexibility. The ability to be flexible and accountable to your own and others’ schedules is an admirable and much needed skill in any kind of fast environment related to media. Through the practice of working from home, a new set of skills become sharpened.

The community curator internship program at 28 D.Tales has been held remotely this year due to COVID-19 restrictions and its consequences. Although it was a different and unexpected procedure to conduct work, plans and communication, the team had the opportunity to learn how to work from home. 

Whether it is a space in an apartment, loft, house, or cottage, home holds different meanings for everyone. There are several locations inside a home that are public, private, dark, full of light and with so many other elements. When it comes to work from home, it’s essential to choose a place in your home where you can feel your best. 

Here’s a checklist to choose the best location in your place while you’re working from home:

      • Choose: A well-lit space, natural lighting is key!
      • Choose: An area with minimal furniture to help you get situated but also not too comfortable
      • Choose: A silent place where you can receive and make calls (or work with any technological device if needed)

It’s also suggested to change locations from time to time throughout the day if you’re stuck at home. This will help you get variety in your new workplace. It will also keep you motivated, less still in your day-to-day activities and stick to a healthy routine. 

We hope you all continue to find your groove when working from home, be sure to check out our Instagram for more D.Tales!

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