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Wow What a Qatch!


By: Mia Lee, Editor In Chief

Quarantine has allowed many of us to have the flexibility and luxury to shop online anytime while having a variety of options for each of our individual styles.  However, many of us want to be able to find something quick, convenient and simple so we’re not stuck on our computers. It can be a challenge and a time consuming activity to navigate through endless pages of websites to find exactly what you need.  

With a new, simpler solution of web surfing, be able to ‘Qatch’ the deals and steals with the new way to go online shopping without the hassle. Founders and sisters, Nicole Christine and Raquel Phillips, created the Qatch program to provide customers with a simpler solution with online shopping. Founded in 2019, Qatch fosters a connection with users through a style quiz. This quiz takes only 15 minutes and  gives you plenty of options to choose from. After the quiz, you’ll receive the results and  FOR ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK it’s only a $5 monthly subscription. 

Phillips, Co-founder and COO of Qatch, talks about her inspiration behind the idea and why the company was created. Growing up, Phillips always borrowed and shared clothes with her five sisters as a way to stay connected and save money. Later on when she started her initial career in accounting and moved to NYC for the position, she found that with her busy lifestyle she wasn’t able to spend too much time online shopping. “[She found that it was] something that was not fun anymore,” Phillips said. “Our biggest goal going into this is to give our users the best shopping experience.”

The idea came to life after Christine shared a similar experience while starting her initial career as a lawyer.  After discussing Christine’s vision for the company, they worked alongside to progress towards specific details of marketing analytics and the big picture of the company. Christine, Co-founder and CEO of Qatch, discusses her initial thought process behind the idea and the potential it has for customers. “We want to make personal shopping really available to anyone. [With] personal shopping, all that means is finding something that’s more you,” Christine said. The Qatch program allows users to save time scrolling through pages of information and gives us EXACTLY what we’re looking for in terms of style and outfits.Their background and personal experience has allowed them to create a style quiz that accommodates everyone and increases their user engagement. “We are exactly the types of consumers we are targeting [and]we are shopping alongside our users,” said Christine. 

From both Phillip’s and Christine’s previous online shopping experience, they were initially overwhelmed with the amount of options and struggled to navigate through extensive research. In reality, it shouldn’t take that much time to find a specific garment, but with their efforts, they wanted to prevent users from having the same struggles they had in the past with online shopping. “The thing that really inspired us was both of us growing up. We loved clothes and fashion and shopping. Shopping is something that you enjoy and have fun with,” Phillips said.  In the future, they hope to increase their numbers and create a more user-friendly lifestyle analysis to understand each customer’s way of life. To get started and Qatch this opportunity, you can follow the link to sign up here.

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